Sales & Marketing

We provide assistance in strategic planning, budgeting and pricing, trade programs, sales and marketing plans, building distribution, broker selection and management, engagement of contract sales management firms, organizational development, category management, mentoring for sales managers, facilitating sales meetings and off sites, key account programs, sales and P&L reporting systems and analysis, exploring export initiatives. While we work mainly with natural, organic, Supplements, Body Care, Lifestyles, Grocery, and Bakery/Deli sales we have extensive experience across most channels and classes of trade.

Growth Strategies

These include traditional business plans geared to management teams seeking to bring their businesses to the next level. It’s a comprehensive process that starts with taking stock of the business today and then making recommendations on distribution growth, high priority distributors and retailers, upgrading the broker network if necessary, velocity growth, pricing and programs, building out the team, brand building activities, new products, and margin improvement.

Customer & Broker Meetings

Work in the field with your sales managers and brokers and make customer calls and introductions wherever appropriate.

Fine Tune

Additionally, we can assist across the full range of strategic, organizational and operational issues and opportunities.

Compensation and Organization

Can offer advice and recommendations on organizational structure and comp programs for sales and marketing staff.

Developing the Leader

Help growing companies, family businesses and others strengthen their senior team, clarify goals and objectives, structure meaningful compensation plans, and make the transition to a performance and result based organization while preserving the shared values, purpose and unique culture of the company.


Will help key decision maker proposals, presentations and critical memos. Can evaluate key assumptions, build on narrative, contribute to the final copy.

Demonstrations, Events & Promotions

Combining over 30 years of experience in Events and in store Demonstrations for ROI-return on investment with budget planning for demonstrations, events, and Medical Consumer Lecture’s with revenue building PROMOTIONS. Working with the broker/store buyer-decision maker and brand ambassador network to create YOY growth on event expenditures, with end cap placement in advanced of events, training staff member and developing in store buyer support for events as a long-term strategy for growth of new brands and continued line extensions. Develop branding for in-store demonstrations and events. 

Web Development & Services

We offer easily customizable website templates, including Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing and Customer Relationship Management.

Social Media

Post a new article or news item to your website. Instantly send it to your social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

International Sales

We have an extensive network of buyers of products in our category with perhaps one of the largest databases of qualified buyers of 30,000 + active buyers. We handle sales & marketing for brands we currently represent into 15 countries and via 25 distributors and many thousands of retailers in Australia Pacific Rim and Europe. Current brands include Superfoods, Organic Foods, Organic Skincare, Healthy Snacks, and Raw Materials. Our day to day business is selling and growing natural products brands.

Corporate Team Building

RETREATS: Specific Challenges that Corporate Organizations face. Remedy with Multi-Day or Month Long ½ Day Curriculums. Retreat Opportunity.

SPEAKING: Tailored to: Your Group with Specific Topics from Enhancing Collaboration to avoiding Workplace Fatigue.

SESSIONS: Book Executive Coaching & Meditation Sessions
Skype/Zoom/in your Corporate Office.

GOAL GROUPS: Board of Directors, to Directors, these Team Building Sessions are tailored made for Employees National Sales Teams available in Person/Skype/Zoom.